ice eggs

great summer idea-ice eggs - Freeze balloons filled with water and small toys. Cut balloon off and play with eggs outside. Provide spoons for cracking ice and digging treasures out. - looks like a great activity for hot summer days!

Exploring rivers with Karen from Little Acorns (",)

I chose this because I think kids would absolutely love playing with it -A River habitat in the sensory table, such a perfect interactive way to expose preschoolers to the natural sciences, natural ecosystems

Washing line over the water tray - by Tom Bedard (",)

not a very attractive water tray - but the idea is good. Washing line over the water tray - by Tom Bedard (",) jan waterplay

Wow. Fantastic outdoor water area

I like this idea, maybe could use more shallow water tubs thought. A big rive-like pool for water play. Kids can crowd around both sides of the pool. Also can learn how things travel from one end to the other

Water Activities

We don't need a water table. We just need lots of bins and toys and water, with plenty of room for everyone to play with it.

tea pots

multiple tea kettles pouring into pot on grounds, tea pots water fountains, back yards outdoor old fashioned water faucets, Well isn't that the most clever lil fountain!

Large sponge in water tray creates foam for variety of uses.

This is the time of year I bring out the Giant Sponge. What is a giant sponge? It is a piece of foam cut from a foam mattress to fit into .

Sensory spring water table: sights, touches, and smells of Spring!

Sensory Spring Water Table