My Little Fandom Book

My Little Fandom Book

This is my pinterest. Don't like what I pin I really don't care. But if you do you are welcome to stay!
My Little Fandom Book
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Lauren Faust <3

Our Lauren, who art in Los Angeles, pony be thy name. Thy bronies come, thy animation be done, as on Cartoon Network as it is on The Hub. My hero for cartoons


miraculoustang: i imagine cause steven is organic he wont have to flippin give up any physical form to have kids but the gems dont know that so<<<Connie would be having the baby, not Steven.

Greg Quartz and Rose Universe

Greg Quartz and Rose Universe<<< WHOA. *backs away slowly* WHOA *trips and falls backwards* WHOA WHOA WHOA.<<< This confuses me on so many levels