Egg shape looks very modern and suit for this scenery. I like connect modern and nature.It was used Photoshop to created this project. It is lovely for me because i like connect different style.

The Exbury Egg is a floating, wooden, sustainable, energy efficient pod that will serve as home to artist Stephen Turner for a year. Smaller designs take up less space. Natural lighting helps with costs.

Technically the Floating Seahorse looks great. Connecting luxurious and comfortable. Very good place to relax. It was used Photoshop and adding  a nice modern building for this space.

Technically the Floating Seahorse is classified as a boat, but it only takes one quick glance to see that the project is much more akin to a floating house. Designed by the team at Kleindienst Group, the project consists of 42 properties floating in the

section + plan model | Piercy&Company Kew House. Photography by Jack Hobhouse

Kew House was an experimental build, driven by the architect’s and client’s shared interest in a ‘kit-of-parts’ approach and the self-build possibilities emerging from digital fabrication.

Modern architecture is nice. Good shapes and bright colour make this space pure bigger.

KREOD, a portable wooden structure revealed in London last September, has recently been recognized with a Surface Design Award for Temporary Structure. Designed by

I this project was used Photoshop. White photographs and colorful pictures made this project very interesting for me beacause a like connect different style.

Natural Act collages by Merve Ozaslan

"House" by Merve Ozaslan. Merve Özaslan‘s Natural Act collage series shows o

Jon Measures

WHO: Jon Measures WHY: overlapping building to show chaos or confusion

Vicki Ambery-Smith created Venice bridge ring. I like this design because there are a lot of detail and different element. For me is very interesting use architecture. In this project used Photoshop

Venice bridge Tuscany Ring - Vicki Ambery-Smith// Too beautiful to wear!

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