bleach pen on leggings.

bleach pen on leggings. I don't actually like this design, or even leggings, but I like the idea of doing mehndi designs with a bleach pen.

Blink Blink

Blink Blink Handmade Patterns print pattern - note under grid structure useful for constructing and lining up elements

Custom Made Hand Painted Clothing

Custom Made Hand Painted Clothing

Ana Montiel

Visual Mantras - Botanical - Ana Montiel textile pattern (could be adapted for quilt or rug weaving.

Hadley Holliday

Hadley Holliday "Sun Vault" 2012 from her show "Warp and Weft" at Taylor de Cordoba gallery in LA

Melissa Manfull

Melissa Manfull

Melissa Manfull

mesosphere by melissa manfull 2010

Ethnic screen print with hand painted areas

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