Massage Motivation!

Whether you're a regular in the Sports Massage clinic or you're a therapist giving treatment, start your day with these great facts and quotes.
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For me its just below and between the shoulder blades but that's because my ribs are terrible. Neck is lovely too though and can help with tension headaches

TENSION HEADACHES Important! According to Dr. David Hill, this is where essential oils for tension headaches AND In Tune Focus Blend should be applied. This region is called the suboccipital triangle. It allows pure plant essences (doTERRA essential oils)

"The fascia forms the largest system in the body as it is the system that touches all the other systems." James L. Oschman, PhD

Fascia is the connective that wraps around, attaches to, separates, and stabilizes your muscles & internal organs. Fascia can get adheared & cause tightness & pain in your body. Massage is a great way to release fascia and feel better.

Spa Kamper note: except people with sensory defensiveness. There are strategies to help them break thru. Start with just Foot massage , body brushing, facial  - to name a few

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You ignore me now, but you’ll need me later is what your body screams everyday    Make the change - visit

You ignore me now, but you’ll need me later is what your body screams everyday. Make the change - visit High On Health Natural Therapies in Guyra, NSW for relief for your body aches & pains.

I'll be doing this next Friday.  #Lifeisgood #Dowhatyoulike

Life is good with a massage… Schedule an appointment and start the week on a refreshing note!

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"I'd recommend regular visits to your Massage Therapist, but then we wouldn't get to see each other as much." -your Doctor

Massage for healing injuries and prevention.

Massage qa does it work

Monday is Perfect Day to Correct Last Week's Mistakes. Good Morning Have a Massage Day. (408)-260-2256 #SanJose

We all fall off the wagon. The key lies in how you get back up and how to limit the falls. New day, new week and new beginnings!  @FIRSTCorvallis #FIRSTCorvallis

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