Garlic Parmesan Cheese Bombs

These garlic cheese bombs are delicious and a great treat!

Elise Wehle (American), -folded, cut, drawn, woven, printed -escape from digital world

collage/drawing/ paper-cutting, and printmaking work of California based artist Elise Wehle.


laws of attractor 01 by Sergio Albiac art,painting,Visual Inspiration,

10 ways to get your creative juices flowing

Jackson Pollock Painting in his Long Island Studio, photo by Hans Namuth

Susan Bowers

mark making Susan Bowers; a lovely piece

Mark making experiment

Monochrome Mark Making - black & white pattern, art print

Pip Pittman: Drawing Day - Mark making with made tools

Could be fun for outdoor art or even in the art room. Have kids find objects to attach to a stick and use for painting? "Pip Pittman: Drawing Day - Mark making with made tools"

Nancy Spero - Untitled (War Series)

Untitled (War Series), Gouache and ink on paper.