"Two photographs of the same person, from different periods of time (child and adult) are spliced together. In this fusion a jump-of-time is established at the tear."

Photographer Bobby Neel Adams combines two photos of his portraits subjects—one as a youth and one as an adult—into composite portraits he calls “AgeMaps.

"Back to the Future" photographs by Irina Werning

"Back to the Future," Photographs by Irina Werning

Originally published on May Buenos Aires-based photographer Irina Werning travelled to 32 countries and shot 250 pictures for her Back t.

irina werning - photographer who recreates photos of people from their past - back to the future series II

Back To The Future - Part 2 After the extraordinary success of her first photographic series ”Back to the Future”, Irna Werning is back with the second part of her photographic saga “Back to the Future

Morita Sisters, 1979 & 2010

Then And Now: 20 People Recreate Their Childhood Photos

Back to the Future by Irina Werning, Sony World Photography Awards 2012, Somerset House

Back to the Future Project by Irina Werning

Kampagne: 20 Jahre unverändert gut — Agentur: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising — Kunde: DB Mobility Logistics — Jetzt noch mehr Kampagnen pur im Fischer`s Archiv! www.fischersarchiv.de

Irina Werning's "Back To The Future Photo essay It’s hard to overstate how much I love this concept. Irina Werning finds great childhood photos and recreates them with the subjects at their current.