Kris Trappeniers (Some more experimentation with zentangle/mandala...)  Zen tangle portraits

Kris Trappeniers (Some more experimentation with zentangle/mandala.) Zen tangle portraits- NEW take on self portrait?

the Singaporean artist embroiders to pinpoint perfection, dabbles with watercolor, and obviously knows how to wield a pencil.  And she tends to do all these things within a single piece of work.  Izziyana first stumbled upon this hybrid technique while doing a school project on medical illustrations. After a bit of experimentation and a lot of enjoyment with embroidery, she soon began incorporating the craft into the majority of her work.

Izziyana Suhaimi’s Embriodered Illustrations

Izziyana Suhaimi is an incredibly talented artist from Singapore. These beautiful works are a mixture of illustration, watercolours and embroidery. Izziyana doesn't have any formal training in illustr

David Bushell |

David Bushell The Past could be shown by layering all objects found in a particular place into one photo to show progression and change as time continues.

Debbie Smyth

Beautiful thread drawings - by Debbie Smyth - Incredible portraits and art…

I like this picture because a picture of a city area that it’s roughly sketched can still be beautiful. Also, i like how the artist only uses light colors to give a calm and a gentle feeling.

New York Sketch, Chrysler Building, New York City - print from an original watercolor sketch This sketch captures Chrysler Building on a hazy -- by Suhita Shirodkar