I recently started replacing my beauty and skin care products one by one. This has Frankincense essential oil which I love the smell.

Frankincense Wrinkle Reducing Moisturizer cup Shea Butter (preferably raw, organic, unrefined) cup Organic Coconut Oil drops Frankincense Essential Oil drops Lavender l Essential Oil

Tom Ford Lipstick / Pink Dust

Tom Ford Lipstick - Pink Dust

Stars on Your Eyes tutorial - be cute for NYE

Fun, dramatic eye make up. Perfect for holiday parties or New Years Eve night

Lorac pro palette look

This palette boasts some awesome neutral colors and after swatching them at Sephora I knew that I had to get it. The Lorac Pro Palette ha.

Beautiful makeup for blue eyes

Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes. Finally this one actually makes sense to me! I was so sick of finding tips that say I should wear blue eye shadow! NO ONE should wear blue eye shadow!

Rodin oil wellbeing Blog

Rodin oil wellbeing Blog