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Katharine Hughes
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f*ck you

I love his dissents so much.but I HATE getting assigned to read them at the end of Ginsburg's 15 page opinion. Ruins EVERYTHING.


::I love you ::Do you have evidence to support your statement ((I absolutely do! He might have a different way about him that some may not understand. I do! & My Husband shows me that he loves me. all the time. in one way or another. Love my baby))

My boy

The way you study all the time and don't go out is really sexy. - Ryan Gosling // Hey Girl Ryan Gosling Then I must be irresistibly sexy.

ohhh that's why I applied to law school...

The big issues: where to eat lunch? Defend those who cant help themselves: from those who wont wear gloves! Relish the challenges: understanding someone who has no idea who had no idea what is going on!