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[SET OF GIFS] 8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin. Loved these three together. #S8 #SPNS8 #Supernatural #Purgatory

Blood Brother - "I have no possible relationship to your sibling offspring." - Castiel, Benny and Dean Winchester in Purgatory;

Or Dean Winchester

And then the guy in the leather jacket will actually die and then it'll be stressful. Then a new guy will walk in with the guy with the leather jacket and things will become even more confusing

Sam and Dean Switched

You could say it's Supernatural. I ared i h a m Dose: TIDE DU 42 h ester: but guys WHAT IF i am laughing so har supernatural Lord Farquaad face swap

Every time I see this scene, the echo of "Sam" that Jensen yells out still lingers in my me goosebumps!

Jensen and Jared: true brothers. I have tears in my eyes right now. Maybe even more than when i actually saw that scene. THE FEELS!