Trophy - by Clare Twomey

‘Trophy’ Cast Courts, Victoria & Albert Museum September 2006 "played with notions of value, permanence and the culture of collecting.

ceramics by debra broz, "disguises"

debra broz : “Rabbit as Fox” and “Lamb as Bear” from her series “Disguises” (article on The Jealous Curator)

Clare Twomey: Blossom

Clare Twomey: Blossom I like the contrast of man made and natural in this installation. The purity of whiteness in the flowers stands out even more so against the darkness of the soil.

Consciousness/Conscience - by Clare Twomey

Consciousness/Conscience - by Clare Twomey

Clare Twomey // "Specimen"

Specimen - by Clare Twomey

Ceramics Resident: Clare Twomey - 2010 - Victoria and Albert Museum

Clare Twomey: Specimen, 2009

Climate Change Art: Art of a Changing World

Clare Twomey: Specimen, 2009

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