Two Hare Tile, Iris Millward

Two Hare Tile, Iris Millward.(possibly "Love is the ultimate meaning of everything around us. Love is not a mere sentiment. Love is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation". except she uses root instead of heart?

stained glass hare

Blue - azul - vitral - rabbit - coelho -Scene from a stained glass window created for All Saints Church, Denmead, Hampshire, England by Jude Tarrant

Dreaming Moon Hare, he matches my Reginald, large sitting hare. i think we might have a new hare coming to the house!

Dreaming Moon Hare The Spirit of Hare possesses and gives freely of some special and powerful attributes: life and abundance, fertility (creativity), transformation and generosity.

Thomas Appleton Golden Hare, on Cornish Slate

Thomas Appleton 'Golden Hare on Cornish Slate'

The green hare. David Beattie

The green hare Looks like a Gwen Frostic block print!