#PreciousPet of June

We asked our fans and followers to submit summer-themed photos of their #PreciousPets for June's competition. Here are all our entries! We will announce the winner on Mon 16th.
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Very adorable dog perching amongst the flowers outside

Stella is a beautiful butterfly! She sent in her photograph of Stella dressing up for her Halloween and instantly WON a 3 Pound Box of Customized Petbrosia Dog Food!

Krystal. Owner: Ferai Robson (Facebook)

Krystal. Owner: Ferai Robson (Facebook)

Pip. Owner: Shelley Dawn (Facebook)

Puga. Owner: Shelley Dawn (Facebook)

Pip, Pheif and Puga. Owner: Shelley Dawn (Facebook)

Misty, Storm, Twist and Pepper. Owner: Sam Bowman (Facebook)

Angus. Owner: Louise Pyper (Facebook)

Charlie and Ruby. Owner: Karen Woodage (Facebook)

Puff. Owner: Hunya Shahzad (Facebook)

Krystal. Owner: Ferai Robson (Facebook)

Miss Darcy. Owner: Amanda Thomas (Facebook)