Robby what if you had very simple black framed window/door like this, but the top panels opened as window for breeze, and bottom fixed for pool safety. No need for louvres the

Mews House Roof Shortening - City Garden Ideas (houseandgarden.co.uk)

City garden inspiration

The owner of this mews house in Notting Hill created an outdoor space out of nothing by shortening the roof and adding a glass wall.

Wall to Wall, Ceiling to Ceiling Steel Case Windows

eat in kitchen and dining room floor to ceiling windows leading to courtyard - Wall to Wall, Ceiling to Ceiling Steel Case Windows

Modern French doors aside the home to go to the garden

mid century modern french doors These are beautiful and I would love to switch out the existing doors for these - and to put them in the den out to the back yeard!

Charles Mellersh Design Studio - East London home

DIY barn door can be your best option when considering cheap materials for setting up a sliding barn door. DIY barn door requires a DIY barn door hardware and a

If I ever get a chance to build my own home, I want my dining/kitchen area to have multiple french doors so on really nice nights I can open them while we eat dinner. The doors would lead to patio with a pergola covered in greenery.

prints + chairs + doors the home of brian smith (gunn and smith architects) and matt moynihan (moynihan and associates)