Mad Hatter Tea Party Hat Box. Ears come off to open box. File from My Scrap Chick.

This great inspirational hat box comes from Alice in Wonderland series. The playing card element adds a magic flavor to this cool hat box and the bunny ears at the top makes it funnier.

20 Interesting DIY Easter Bunny Ideas

Powdered sugar and a bunny foot stencil to make "easter bunny tracks" to your house - cute idea for kids!

The Cutest Easter Bonnet Ideas #Easter #EasterBonnet

7 of The Cutest Easter Bonnet Ideas

No egg hut or Easter celebration would be complete without an Easter bonnet! Here are a round up of the seven cutest Easter bonnet ideas out there.

Dying eggs naturally with beets, turmeric, coffee, etc.

Dyeing Eggs Naturally

Dyeing Eggs Naturally - Martha Stewart Holiday & Seasonal Crafts - Use Instead of Food Coloring in the Finger Paint Recipe.

Easter-eggs - rubber-cement

DIY modern Easter egg crafts Drizzle egg with rubber cement, let dry, then dip in a dye bath. When it's dry, gently peel off the rubber cement. Repeat two or three times with additional colors and voilà -- a masterpiece!

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