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I am just striving to be more than I have ever been because the more i strive The more i shall become better then i have been. And to me i shall be better then better! as i shall continue to strive for the gusto to be better then ever!

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~Be You~ There is no such thing as normal. That is a lie of the world. God calls you to be extraordinary in His Power. You are set apart. Separate and Uniquely beautiful, made in His image.

Gorgeous fox! :)

Win A gorgeous Little Brown Fox Teddy

Happy Easter Bag 2 Pack

To carry treats home in! 2 large bags in 1 pack. Great for giving gifts in this Easter.

Easter Gifts & Cards

who says crackers are for xmas , brighten up your sunday lunch table with these , the kids will love them - Easter Crackers 6 Pack - Easter Gifts & Cards - Easter@ poundland