dachshund pens @Poppy Treffry #bedachshing

Stop writing with those pens that aren't shaped like domestic animals, and get yourself the Pet Pal Dog Pen! Choose from four geeky pens.

Gorgeous Dachound brooch! :) @Poppy Treffry #bedachshing

Gorgeous sparkling Austrian Crystal bedecked rhodium-plated Dachshund pin dog brooch from Eternal Collection.

dachshund joy @Poppy Treffry #bedachshing

Dancing Dog: I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it. - Give your friends a smile: share this!

Puzzling dachshund  @Poppy Treffry #bedachshing

Puzzling dachshund @Poppy Treffry #bedachshing

Origami dachshund @Poppy Treffry #bedachshing

Origami Dachshund - I want to learn how to make this for my Mum.

dachshund bag - a place to keep your hot dogs! @Poppy Treffry #bedachshing

dachshund bag - a place to keep your hot dogs!

Dachshund's, Dachshund's everywhere! @Poppy Treffry #bedachshing

big decorative adhesive tape with many dachshund with cute dog clothes