Geti Black Zirconium Rings

Our range of of black zirconium rings from Geti. Some designs have had the top coating machined away and polished to show a nice, contrasting silver colour. All of our Geti Zirconium Rings are made in the UK.
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Geti Flat Zirconium Heartbeat Ring
Geti Diagonally Grooved Zirconium Ring
Geti Flat Zirconium Greek Key Ring
Geti Black Zirconium Knot Ring
Geti Zirconium Plait Ring
Geti Zirconium Celtic Knot Ring
Geti Zirconium Chunky Celtic Knot Ring
Geti Celtic Zirconium Ring
Geti Flat Waved Zirconium Ring
Geti Waved Zirconium Ring