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God never said repost and I will do you a favor. Please stop putting threats and favors on here! I am only reposting this because I love God, please stop trying to act like you're God.

I hate these but Im sorry but i had to I love my mom

You people really believe this crap. It's obviously fake. Just because text on your computer, phone etc, says you or your mom or someone else will die, that doesn't make it true, if you don't repost this NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!


Faith In Humanity Restored: Temar Boggs, chased a car on his bike for 15 minutes to save this girl who was snatched from her front yard in Pennsylvania.


the first time I pinned this on my tablet, nothing happened.> when I was about to pin it, it happened, and I was all like "wha." because I had no idea what was happening. I did it again, and now I understand.

A true heroine for saving the children in her class! The teachers who gave their lives for their students will never be forgotten. God bless the victims and families of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.


Someone from Regina posted a whisper, which reads "I babysit 40 hours a week for a single mother who can only afford to pay me 20 dollars each shift. Little does she know I always spend it on her son.