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Blusbells at Emsworthy, Dartmoor. by AlPew, via Flickr. Every year the bluebells make a spectacular display at various sites around Dartmoor, with one of the best being Emsworthy just behind Saddle Tor.

Bluebells at Emsworthy Farm. Taken this morning, the bluebells are really at their best at the moment. About a week or so behind Holwell Lawn, Dartmoor.

Bovey Castle - Dartmoor

Not just any old castle, but a lovingly restored Art Deco revival; which means that Bovey Castle is rich with classic character, but a little less precious.

St. Leonard's Well, Sheepstor, Devon.

On a bright, clear morning some years ago, during the long, lovely days leading up to summer solstice, Wendy Froud and I drove through the lanes to the village of Callington in Cornwall (the county just to the west of.