Scottish James "Jim" Lambie (b 1964) is a contemporary visual artist, & was shortlisted for the 2005 Turner Prize. He specialises in colourful sculptural installations made from everyday modern materials iThe other trademark theme in his artistic practice is using brightly coloured vinyl tape arranged into patterns around the floor of the gallery space, tracing the shape of the room to reveal the idiosyncrasies of its architecture

"Jim Lambie, a Scottish artist, is best known for his striped vinyl floor pieces. The artist meticulously adheres vinyl tape to the floor in a geometric pattern that responds to the building’s architecture.

Brilliant Vinyl Tape Art - Jim Lambie

not this design but love the idea of vinyl tape flooring for a small space with ugly floors

Unknown Pleasures - Jim Lambie

Unknown Pleasures, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Heimo Zobernig

lionskeleton: Jim Lambie

Jim Lambie - Door - 2003 see also Keyhole Sudeley's exquisite gardens to suggest windows of perception beyond which reality lies)


Jim Lambie My favourite shade is black and I enjoy work that looks sad/hurt/creepy, and this gives me that vibe.

Exhibition by Jim Lambie

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Exhibition by Jim Lambie