Molten Lava Chocolate Cakes

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake: It's rich, chocolaty, yummy, ooey gooey. and here's the best part, it's ready within 30 minutes!

Chocolate fondant recipe - it doesn't get much more indulgent than these classic melt-in-the-middle desserts. #chocolate #recipe

Chocolate fondants

favorite dessert recipes, russian desserts recipes, fun dessert recipes - It doesn't get much more indulgent than these classic melt-in-the-middle chocolate desserts, serve them at your next dinner party

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VIDEO: MasterChef winner shows how to make the ultimate chocolate fondant

Natalie Coleman, MasterChef winner, exclusively demonstrates how to make the perfect chocolate fondant with a crisp outside and gooey center.

In lieu of a traditional wedding cake, Natalie Portman and her husband had vegan French Macarons. Love this idea!!

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That is just pretty ~~ rainbow birthday party idea >> Spectacular cookie display! Looks like a christmas tree.

Chocohotpots! Gooey chocolate interior

Chocolate hotpot ~ The perfect molten yet crusty chocolate lovers dream come true, forever gooey inside and with a brownie like outer crust.

Portuguese Egg Custard Tarts. Puff pastry and egg yolk filling. Yum!

Portuguese Custard Tarts

Recipe for traditional Portuguese custard tarts--this looks like an authentic version. Must try! Pratos e Travessas: Pastéis de nata # Portuguese custard tarts

Scottish "Clootie" Dumpling Recipe

Oh my goodness. my goodness - my mother made this every Chrtmas. It was a tradition we never questioned. The recipe must have been passed down from her Scot grandmother

Kanelbulle ? Jättebra ! Swedish cinnamon buns :)  Love, love, love any café in Gothenburg that serves Kanelbulle. Yum!

Swedes love them, you will too! Next time you visit Sweden try a kanelbulle (cinnamon bun) and you will discover the swedes' love for fika!

A lovely Scottish Clootie Dumpling Recipe

Traditional Scottish Clootie Dumpling

these are the prettiest cake rolls

Make your own kawaii roll cake in the microwave with this complete kit of tools for your kitchen. Roll cakes are extremely popular in Japan. Walk into any Japanese shopping center and you will find a backer selling roll cakes of various flavors and colors