Glitz — Why Not Associates

O: Gives me an idea for doing a wall vinyl design to go round a corner and protect the surface in high-traffic areas, like the top of the staircase. M: Simple vinyl design, efficient way-finding system.

Makara Peak mountain bike trails wayfinding system, via Behance.

Like the use of reclaimed wood and contemporary signage. Also like the use of cuts on teh sign corners - fits our branding. // Makara Peak mountain bike trails wayfinding system, via Behance.

Minimum Font Size for Banner and Sign Design...

You know that feeling – walking past an advertisement and you have to squint to make out the text. I’m in my mid-twenties and I’ve had to do that before. Perhaps you are suffering from legitimate eye problems, in which case it might be time to take a tr

Round About — Studio FNT

The identity design for the ROUND ABOUT, a nonprofit program for architecture and dwelling. It includes original typeface and signage system for TONGUI-DONG.

Colorful Labyrinth for the Sydney Festival

Hyper-Reality Through Higher Ground: Sydney Festival’s newest art installation by Maser — KNSTRCT - Carefully Curated Design News

Studio Small - Londonewcastle Signage

StudioSmall has been working with the developer Londonewcastle on the branding and communications of 116 luxury apartments in Queen's Park Place, London.