Structure Animated GIF

Structure Animated GIF

Dots by Mark Pearson


Motion design is great to get into, but it takes time to master. Graphic Designer and Animator Mark Pearson has all but mastered motion design, he's posted one


Drop Loader

A little frame-by-frame loading animation for a photo editing app, done in AE…

Dots 2.0

Dots 2.0

GIF colors, shapes Animated gif motion animated gifs - design with circles and dots

Loader 03 WIP (Animation GIF) by Marcel

Loader 03 WIP (Animation GIF)

Dots 5.0 by Mark Pearson

Dots 5.0

circles and dots - looping gifs - UI design in motion graphics - Dots

Dots 13.0 by Mark Pearson

Dots 13.0

Dots 2.0 - Tutorial by Mark Pearson - Original animation posted here:

Dots 2.0 - Tutorial

Basic Construction: Clone some spheres off of a plane object and make the plane invisible. Parent a displacement deformer under the plane, give it a spherical falloff, a noise shader, and set it& .