Opt for forks. | 15 Random Household Items That Make Awesome Stamps

15 Really Random Things That Make Adorable Stamps

15 Random Household Items That Make Awesome Stamps - there's some great ideas here for creating your own beautiful printed gift wrap

Leaf Blocks is a print I recently designed for use on stationery, but I felt it deserved a place on the wall too :). The idea for this piece was to

Leaf Blocks Pink, giclee print

Andrea Lauren (@inkprintrepeat)'s Instagram photos | Intagme - The Best Instagram Widget.... & pinned by many viewing my folder!

Feeling good starting the day with some printmaking! Here is the two-block hare design Andrea Lauren -

surface print and pattern design by Eloise Renouf

Texture Leaf Stems limited edition giclee print by EloiseRenouf. I just love the texture and the colours all work together really well.

Bird with Alliums II (linocut, edition of 6) | Mary Hick | An image is drawn onto a piece of linoleum. Then the areas that are to appear blank in the final print are cut away with sharp chisels. Ink is rolled onto the uncut areas and the lino is pressed onto paper. The uncut surface gradually decreases as more areas are cut away

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