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Americans on the internet are getting frustrated trying to find out the meaning of a ‘Cheeky Nando’s’. Why is it so cheeky? See story now!

I understand all of this I feel so proud despite actually being English I'm kind of a posh english

For anyone who needs to calm down and breathe and say to themselves "it's ok, I can do this" -Arctic Penguin

FOR ALL YOU STRESSED PEEPS calming cat, calming, find, search, tagging this so i can find it later<<everyone needs this. Even if you are calm.

Funny tumblr post

Lol that's because it means both and was used as slang for female genitalia before it was the shortened version of that word and even before that it meant cat do your research

Abito da corte

The History of Pink - NPR Men's suits weren't always so sober. This embroidered, pink silk coat was worn by a Frenchman in the court of Louis XVI in the century.