Alice Fox's Exhibition 'Tidemarks'

"Tidelines" Alice Fox, tapestry rust dyed with nails and salt water.

tide marks | alice fox

I’m really pleased with how my tide marks series of work has turned out now it’s framed. I’ve been lovingly working at, adding to, sorting and revisiting these small pieces of dy…

Pavement Piece #24 detail

Pavement Piece detail by Alice Fox

Tide Marks | alice fox

Alice Fox - Tide Marks is the result of an on-going pre-occupation with the places where land meets sea. For an artist the beach and its hinterland can be the richest source of experience and discovery.

Alice Fox field sketch with cabbage and walnut

Alice Fox field sketch with cabbage and walnut

...Alice Fox - copper stitches ...

...Alice Fox - copper stitches ...

Alice Fox Textiles (stitching on paper with rust)

stitch on paper with rust print Alice Fox.

alice fox

Weave on old picture frames or window frames?

Alice Fox tapestry weave with walnut ink

Tapestry weave with walnut ink. weave on a frame. This slowly grew over the last month or so and I ended up with two separate pieces done on the same warp. The main piece .

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Alice Fox 'Pavement' on show in the Mall Galleries 10 January 2014