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Cutting edge migraine treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital. Migraine sufferers may find relief in plastic surgery techniques.

mHealth statistics: healthcare mobile apps, devices and solutions

Deploying accurate and well prepared enterprise-class mobile solutions for healthcare can deliver significant benefits. The key list of benefits allied with mobile solution for healthcare are listed here

NASA develops memory-storing e-textile material

Cool Wearables - Wearable electronics: NASA develops memory-storing e-textile material Resistive memory used in e-garments

The extremely flexible antennas contain silver nanowires and can be incorporated into wearable health monitoring devices.

Researchers devise new, stretchable antenna for wearable health monitoring - Technology Org

Oyster ring from Dhani Sutanto. A chip was removed from an Oyster card (London mass transit) and then molded into a resin ring.  "RFID chip, tags, NFC and anything else you call it now is getting popular in many formats. Barclays bank has launched its first NFC based credit card sticker the other day. So I decided to investigate more on what we can do to make them look different or fashionable than just a card. I’ve got an Oyster card with me so I decided to hack it and made it as a ring."

London-based freelance digital art director Dhani Sutanto has created his own wearable transit pass by gutting his public transportation pass card and implanting its electronics in a ring.

This wearable device sends a mobile alert to loved ones when a seizure occurs

This wearable device sends a mobile alert to loved ones when a seizure occurs. "oh, looks like your having a seizure let me just text someone about it.