Thread Sketch 1 by andreafarina, via Flickr

Embroidery - Thread sketches by Andrea Farina. Ideas for sewing figures on sewing machine

pulmonaire: Thread Art by Comme Des Garçons - Pesquisa Google

Adrienne Wood - thread drawing - man walking dog in black thread on white ground space is achieved in this image by showing the shape and a large amount of negative space

Embroidered Newspapers, Lauren DiCioccio

Embroidered Newspapers by Lauren DiCioccio

These splendid embroidered newspaper images were created by artist Lauren DiCioccio. The tedious handiwork and obsessive care I employ to create my work ai

christina james nielsen

sculptural drawing by christina james nielsen: October 2011

Drawing with embroidery (Nike Schroeder)

Pupil: Annie, Kieren, Darnel Artist: Nike Schroeder Task: Monoprints / stick and ink drawings with bright coloured thread on top (boys: glued, Annie: stitched) Take your own photographs in the style of (use your friends or existing selfies you have!

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