Victorian London

Victorian London: The Oxford Arms Inn which stood in a short lane leading out of the west side of Warwick Lane, where this photograph was taken from. The Inn was demolished in

What "Keep Calm and Carry On" looks like.  London  Blitz 1940

Delivery After Raid Caption: A milkman delivering milk in a London street devastated during a German bombing raid. Firemen are dampening down the ruins behind him. (Photo by Fred Morley/Getty Images) Date created: 09 Oct 1940

Woman selling fish from a barrel, London, c. 1910

Woman selling fish from a barrel, London, c. 1910 - If you ever wonder where I get my strong, beer-barrel physique.

Muffin Man (c. 1910, London)

Muffin Man, c. 1910 Oh do you know the muffin man, That lives in Drury Lane? Yes I know the muffin man, That lives in Drury London, England

London, 1916

edwardian-time-machine: “London, 1916 - “The war gave women a rare chance to show their equal worth in highly responsible jobs such as guard seen here. As soon as the war finished these jobs became.

New York City. Turn of the 20th century

"Nanny during the day, giantess in the 'Music Hall', London, at night." Mme Abomah, The African Giantess in 1914

Woman race car driver in the '20's

Photo of Women Auto Racers. Miss Elinor Blevins. It was created in 1915 by Harris & Ewing. The photograph illustrates Miss Elinor Blevins beside her race car. This is my kind of woman.

London During The Blitz - East Enders made homeless. Photo Fred Ramage

London During The Blitz: East Londoners are made homeless during German air raids on London. (Photo by Fred Ramage/Keystone/Getty Images).

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