Ice cream balloons! Perfect for any sweet event :)

Turn balloons into ice cream cones with this fun kids birthday party idea. Forget the kids, I want them! ~ **What a cute idea**

Easter Basket Filler Idea: Balloon Egg Piñata These are so clever and not just for Easter!!

Happy Easter Balloon Egg Pinata~ Use large balloons and a wide mouth plastic drink bottle top as a funnel. She filled with candy and then drew on it with Sharpies after she blew them up. Great for Easter, Birthdays, Halloween and More.

Clothes Peg Lolly Bag butterfly lolly bag children | kids | party ideas | family | fun

DIY Butterfly Party Favor ~ Made with painted clothes pin, googly eyes, pipe cleaner & a sandwich bag filled with treats. Party favors for Brooke's birthday?

Use glow sticks to  turn a cake into a space ship that will glow in the dark...

Spaceship Birthday Cake: The Extra-Special, Extraterrestrial Cake (via FamilyFun Magazine)

Turquoise Pom Pom Decorations - 40cm

Turquoise Pom poms ~ wedding decor ~ Soft rustic decor ~ Garland ~ new parents ~ purity white ~ Baby Shower Decor ~ Christmas Pom Poms by evescrafts on Etsy

2nd birthday cake, luckily she wants something similar this year!

birthday cake, luckily she wants something similar this year!