plant tissue micrograph

plant tissue micrograph-inspiration for microbiology artwork

Petri dish paintings.

Daily Petri Dish

For every day in 2013 San Francisco based artist Klari Reis will be creating art using epoxy resins within the confines of plexiglass petri dishes for a project called The Daily Dish,

Frank Boyden and Tom Coleman - took 2 famous potters to make this? no wonder I'm having trouble!

On the River Through the Valley of Fire: The collaborative ceramics of Frank Boyden and Tom Coleman at The American Museum Ceramic Art in Pomona California.

Colony of Paenibacillus vortex. The colonies grow by the movement of bacteria droplets (dots at end of branches) filled with bacteria spinning around a common center like a hurricane. The branches are trails left behind each vortex as it explores the plate

Fractal Bacterial Colonies

From the laboratory of Prof. Eshel Ben-Jacob of the Tel-Aviv University - numa placa de petri.

Hydrilla Verticillata

Hydrilla Verticillata - this would make a cool shawl design

Virus, mold and bacterial aggregate colonies spontaneously assume fractal shapes | via Science News

Virus, mold and bacterial aggregate colonies spontaneously assume Fractal Shapes . I actually have drawn this bacteria in my skecthbook by using watercolors and fine liner so I have pinned this as inspiration