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Sian Lowry
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I need to cross this off my Bucket List ! New York at Christmas

Born there, but haven't been back in a long time. Spent Christmas time in NYC when I was in my was place I'd rather be, (than with my daughter, and my 2 year old grandson). Hope to take them to NYC for Christmas one year.


Morph - i had a bendable toy morph, made of rubber with wire inside. When it started to poke through, my mum 'killed' him. health and safelty, eh?

The Racoon's!

I remember sitting down in front of the tv in the basement eating eggos and watching this show (chocolate bars cartoon)

Charlie Chalk!!!!!! (1987) Such a great memory!

Charlie Chalk was a short lived British children's television series by the same guys who made Postman Pat and Bertha. Charlie Chalk is an …

Rosie and Jim, Rosie and Jim, Chuggin' along on the old Ragdoll

Rosie and Jim, Rosie and Jim Chugging along on the old Ragdoll Rosie and Jim, Rosie and Jim and John he steers the boat! Can't believe I still remember all the words

Bodger and Badger

Bodger and Badger. 'Everybody knows Bodger loves MASHED POTATO.'this series really was good I used to pretend I watched it for my daughters sake but really I enjoyed it .