Asymmetrical can create order by Karl Blossfeldt #Proliferation

Detail, 'Delphinium, Larkspur, part of a dried leaf' by German botanical fine art photographer Karl Blossfeldt source: Karl Blossfelt Photos. via apart gallery

Karl Blossfeldt, photographer. 1932.

Karl Blossfeldt Cajophora lateritia Loasaceae 1932 110 129 EXHIBITION: Karl Blossfeldt at The Whitechapel Gallery

Photo by Karl Blossfeldt

Artist: Karl Blossfeldt, Title: Blumernbachia hieronymi (Loasaceae), 1932 at deborah kuschner

-Karl Blossfeldt

KARL BLOSSFELDT – ART FORMS IN NATUREKarl Blossfeldt was a German photographer celebrated by the Surrealists and early modernists for his pioneering close-up images of plants and flora.

Dreaming 1902 // photo by C. Yarnall Abbott

Dreaming 1902 // photo by C.

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