Indian brides are so pretty. # Bride, # Indian Bride, # Bridal Great way to delicately incorporate the henna into the beauty shot

Gypsy. I am getting the idea that a story about gypsies would be so fun to write.

Heavily Embellished Lehenga Skirt, Lehenga UK

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you know the sprout is hidden inside the seed. We are all struggling; Let your arrogance go, and look around inside.


My Bohemian Style Fearless Dancing by Femininelure gypsy dancer: moving in response to the soul's melody, a spin, an arch, tears rolling down the upturned cheeks, alone with the woman in me

I'm hesitant on wearing a veil, but I love the thick, embroidered borders against the sleek hair. It's such a beautiful contrast.

Inspiration for a vintage Indian wedding - Indian bridal make up - dupatta Yes vintage look is amazing. What I luv the most is those sari mannequin dolls the vintage ones, I think that bride look = the best by far, simple & bit of an old/retro twist .

I wonder if I know him In whose speech is my voice, In whose movement is my being, Whose melody is in my songs In joy and sorrow.

51 Wedding Lengha Styles to Fall in Love With