Canadian carpenter Solange Desormeaux built this cabin on the chassis of a five ton truck. Knowing she'd never be able to afford a piece of land, she figured people might be more inclined to share their properties for a while if she had a house on wheels.

How to Build a Gypsy Caravan from Recycled Materials. Have you ever dreamed of creating a small sanctuary in the woods? Rachel Ross explains how you can build a relatively inexpensive Gypsy caravan from recycled materials.

Black in green

Shepherds hut in a field of daisies. Daily rotation to fresh vistas.

Cotswold shepherd's hut

We keep ready made huts in stock and also source original and refurbished shepherds huts. Here are our shepherds huts we currently have in stock.

Historic Shepherd's huts information

Historic Shepherd huts - Shepherds huts - History page "in some place the Shepheard hath his cabbin going upon a wheele for to remove here and there at his pleasure". Leonard Mascal Evidence that having a vardo is completely period for the SCA :-)