Can’t really be trusted around wet floors. | 27 Things Clumsy People Simply Cannot Do

Someone put this out there before we started swim practice. Caution wet floor sign on boogey board in pool. Be careful, you might get wet .

The citizens who duct taped this street back together. | 28 People Who Totally Fixed Everything

Funny pictures about Duct tape fixes everything. Oh, and cool pics about Duct tape fixes everything. Also, Duct tape fixes everything photos.

The little girl looks so happy I love kids I don't know what I will do in jr.high next year because all my kindergarten and first graders will be back in elementary school. But good luck guys

Aww hahaha poor fish but this girl is so cute. Haha I feel so bad for her and the fish.

mermaids - where can we get some of these!

What little girl wouldn't love this? A Mermaid Fin for the pool!

Growing old together

i wanna be like that someday, i love seeing old couples, it makes you feel like someone can really love you forever. I wanna be that cute old couple that inspires young people, and shows them that.

This is good packing! #spacesaver #slinks #haveslinkswilltravel!

Arrival in Agadès, Niger ~ photographer André Benamour, Winner of the France Inter photo contest "And Yet It Moves". Passengers are relieved after crossing from Libya of nearly kilometers, happy they had finished their long journey.

A bar called STOP

THE STREET BAR Artwork by CLET Spotted somewhere in France was this fun piece of street art by CLET. The manipulated ‘Do Not Enter’ sign depicts a bar setting with two patrons and a bartender. There’s even a fancy candelabra in the scene!