Fight For Your Right To Party!

Seniors Busting A Move To Beastie Boys Are Fighting For Their Right To Party

dance and dementia

Excellent dance and dementia video, even though she doesn't have an Octaband.

Music and exercise activities at Riversway Nursing Home Bristol

Everyone really enjoys themselves when Jasmine from Music for Health holds her exercise workshops at Riversway Nursing Home Bristol, especially when they are.

How do I spot the signs of type 1 diabetes in my child? via You tube / NHS Choices

Health visitor Margaret Hill talks about the signs that your child may have type 1 diabetes. Find out more about spotting the signs of serious illness here: .

Springhill Care Group - Meet two of our #CaringHeroes

Welcome to Springhill Care Group Award winning providers of high quality nursing, residential, rehabilitation, dementia, day care and supported living servic.

What does epilepsy look like? - Jon, Jan and Stevie

Epilepsy is often referred to as a ‘hidden condition’.

FreeDem Films aim to address your fears about memory loss &  dementia and provide practical advice about brain health. We understand that you worry about losing your memory and fear getting dementia. Each of our films answers a key question related to brain health and dementia that will increase your understanding of how memory works, allay your fears or inspire you to consider your brain health and take actions that will improve the quality of your life.

How Can We Include People With Dementia in Our Community?

With good friends, you can't lose

We're celebrating friendships because friends are great! Having friends and a social life improves your mental health, physical health and even helps you to .