Five X-class Flares in 8 Days, Largest Activity In 25 Years

​Largest sunspot since 1990 blasts space with flares (VIDEO) — RT News

X Class Solar Flare And CME - November 7th 2014

Solar activity is once again at high levels. Region 2205 produced a strong solar flare peaking at UTC Friday.

Monstrous Sunspot Group AR 2192 Aligning for Possible Cataclysmic Encoun...

Right now, a truly ginormous sunspot is turning its baleful eye toward Earth. The spot, called Active Region is a bit hard to wrap your brain aro .

Red Giant Star Devours Planet: Fried Planets - Celestial Wonders

First Evidence Discovered of Planet's Destruction by Its Star The first evidence of a planet's destruction by its aging star has been discovered by an international team of astronomers. This is really cutting edge astronomy folks! The evidence .

Comparing CMEs - Carrington-Class CME of 1859, Solar Storm

One looks at a moderate coronal mass ejection (CME) from The second run examines the consequences of a large corona.

STEREO celebrates 10 years of observations in 3D - 4K

STEREO celebrates 10 years of observations in -

Farsided Filament Eruption and CME 20th February 2016

Farsided Filament Eruption and CME February 2016

The Sun - Thermonuclear Art

In addition to keeping life alive on Earth, the sun also sends.

SDO Sees Brightening Magnetic Loops

Spectacular photos from space Brightening Magnetic Loops - NASA/SDO

SDO Captures Complex Mass Of Plasma

A small, but complex mass of solar material gyrated and spun about over the course of 40 hours above the surface of the sun on Sept.

Complex Active Region 2339

After a period of few to no spots, a large sunspot group emerged on May It has already produced an X-flare! Just as it was coming into view, AR 2339 relea.

X-Flare Out - Radio Blackout Alert Issued

X-FLARE: The sun is no longer quiet. Emerging sunspot unleashed an intense solar flare on May at UT.

"Phoenix" Prominence Eruption On The Sun - Awesome Eruption

mysticxmoon: “just—space: “A prominence eruption captured on 3 May Combines three images from NASAs Solar Dynamics Observatory.