Yumi Okita. I don't know what these are made of (cloth?) but I think they're cool.

Yumi Okita Moths always bring up memories of summer nights with pulsating clouds of fluttery wings swarming the lights by the door…and the subsequent shrieking that breaks the quiet as I flail my arms a…

Annegret Soltau.                                                       …

I like this as i think its unusual and captures the viewers attention. It also fits my theme of Power as in this picture the sim card is powering the person acting as a brain.

Enclose Bea Camacho

Filipino artist Bea Camacho takes it to the next level and knits herself into a cocoon!

♡ELINE: clocks

I love this Domino Clock, minus the state in the middle. This could be a good man cave clock