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No but it totally makes sense. Here we have John Baggins who goes on this grand adventure to find Smauglock, who he's been looking for. Smauglock is this great thing that no one can conquer, he soars above everyone else. That is, until a single black arrow (moriarty) shoots him down and he falls from the sky. because try as he might, John couldn't escape reality. <-- now I have to see the movie

wait oh my gosh yes because Ben plays Smaug and Sherlock is the dragon that was part of John/Bilbos journey. but he's also the evil dragon because that's how John see's him directly after he dies. imma go cry now 💔

Jack Frost

dreamworks chris pine jack frost rise of the guardians rotg toothiana baby tooth the rise of the guardians You can't queue everything my friend; though you try Frost Bite Frozen Snowcone FrozenSnowcone consulting-time-detective