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Throwback.. His smile is beautiful..

Combine Hollywood's hottest host with America's longest running weekend countdown and you've got a ratings explosion called American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest.

I can't control myself Sam!

I can't control myself Sam!

Sam has swag. Idc

Sam Smith when he was in LA

Cheeky Sam as per, looking fine

Cheeky Sam as per, looking fine 😛

Throwback - Sam Smith

Another Reason To Love Woodies Nominee & Performer Sam Smith: He Stans For Beyonce

Our entire composition comes from the cosmic dust of exploding stars. You are literally the stuff of stars...Star Stuff! By happy circumstance (serendipity), a particular composite of star stuff became self aware, became you, to explore and help explain that very cosmos itself. Don't disappoint yourself. Make the most of this short time of awareness before you join back again with the greater vastness of space and time.

Human Body Ingredients via imaginaryfoundation: 'The average human has approximately 100 trillion cells and each cell is made of approximately 100 trillion atoms, each of which were originally created in the center of a star.' Here it is by mass: http:/