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This is what I want... Shame I have neither the time or skills to keep this up

Fantastic light brown Wavy Bob Cut with Tinge of Dirty and Platinum Blonde See more photos here -> Best Hair Colors for Short Hair Category => Short Hair Color

Blonde bob. Blonde with highlights. Blonde with lowlights. Balayage blonde. Sombre ombre

Latest ideas of bob highlights and lowlights with balayage hair color. Stunning blonde hair colors is perfect blend of hair colors for bob hair.

Caramel Wavy Bob With Blonde Highlights

Black Textured Choppy Bob Dark and mysterious are the words that best describe this medium choppy bob. Here, medium length curly hair is scrunched with a product for a perfectly undone look where every lock is doing its own thing.

What cool fountains

What cool fountains

They said Hannah Montana was forever they lied (Hannah Montana forever t.v show)

Forever is a long time. But I wouldn't mind spending it by your side.

if your cooler than me it must mean I'm hotter than you !

If u think that ur cooler than me . Than that must me I'm hotter that u!

Don't worry if your different for everyone is unique

The smiley face in the sea of sadness shows that even though people who loved Paul were sad that he died in the end; he died with a smile on his face as though, he was happy that his life was finally over.

LMLED(love my life every day )

Whenever I'm in the grocery store I sing and dance and I'm sure people stare but whatevs it is just me.

"Don't lose who you are in the colour of the stars"Jessie J (who you are )

So great to free mind and life of people and things that contribute nothing but negativity.