Ponytail holders. omg i hated these! they hurt so bad!

Twin Bead Ponytail Holders - wore these in my long hair through third grade

Dear Diary | 55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic

my secret diary. OMG, I completely forgot about this. I loved, 'my secret diary'. I seriously used that thing and was upset for years after I lost it!

~ golliwog ~ if you're British, it's okay ~

- Books 2 Noddy books were slightly different to Rupert because they had 'baddies' in them Later on Enid Blyton books about the 'Famous Five' where no holiday would be without some mysterious adventure and strange going's on in the Cliff's.

~ Guy Fawkes Day  ~ Bonfire Night ~ November 5th ~

Fawkes, along with a group of conspirators, planned to blow up the House of Lords with gunpowder in order to kill the Protestant king James. Their plot was discovered and failed, but was not forgotten.

~ paper flags for your sand castle ~ 50p ~ England <3

Whether teen or toddler, beaches are a playground for children of all ages. Let our guide help you pick the best British beaches.

~ Conkers ~ only A British school kid would know ~ my husband talks about this game played with horse chestnuts ~

5 Things Only A British School Kid Would Know

[caption align="aligncenter" Conkers, in the wild[/caption] Kids, as the old TV show claimed, say the darndest things.

~ Dot Cotton ~ if you're British, you know who she is ~

‘EastEnders’ legend June Brown has hinted at her departure from the soap - just days after signing a new contract. READ MORE: Ross Kemp CONFIRMED For 'EastEnders' Return Relive 21 Of Peggy Mitchell'.