Syed Kazmi

Syed Kazmi
london / I like to have fun and i'm loyal to Chelsea and WWE.
Syed Kazmi
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These two little words can have a lot of impact. Research shows that gratitude…

Research shows that gratitude is crucial for health and happiness—here's how to make it part of your life. That is so true my sweet Brooke, God bless you and thank you too!

Thank you for your visits and comments. Do not hesitate to return to discover…

Thank you for your support. Thank you for being here for me. Thank you for trying your best to understand what's going on. Thank you for being my best friend ❤️

Thank You in 30 Different Languages (Chapter 6) Melissa Maloney

Thank You in 30 Different Languages This shows how some things might not look the same or even sound similar across different languages but are still expressed. "Thank you" is a universal concept, it is important to people to be able to express gratitude.

WWE Divas

My favorite 3 of WWE Total Divas, Eva Marie and The Bella Twins - all so gorgeous and athletic! Perfect combo of hotness!

Wwe Divas..the funkadactyls...these ladies know how to use their booties :)

the funkadactyls.these ladies know how to use their flexibility skills