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Tanya Hall

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Tanya Hall
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Catzilla (Hand Painted Multiple)

Catzilla (Hand Painted Multiple) Limited Edition Print by Lora Zombie. Authentic Urban Art published by Eyes On Walls.

'Meow' by Lora Zombie - Beautiful watercolor prints for art and cat lovers. Check out the art of Lora Zombie - http://www.eyesonwalls.com/collections/lora-zombie?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=ads&utm_campaign=Lora%20Zombie%20Spring&utm_content=Meow

"Meow" is a beautiful watercolor by Lora Zombie, a self-taught Russian artist who is growing in popularity on the contemporary art scene. A self-described Grunge Artist, Zombie uses vibrant and bold watercolors to depict pop-culture subjects and themes.


Su Di Bridge on West Lake (Hangzhou, China). The Lotus flowers in the foreground are part of the Quyuan Garden, which features more than 200 species of lotus flowers growing in five ponds. (AND NO, THIS IS NOT JAPAN.