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The average person generates pounds of waste daily, which compounds into a whopping 17 billion tons of waste generated by the human population globally.

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Clients too often see freelance arrangements as low-cost line items instead of strategic partnerships.

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Trump says Obama has done nothing for African-Americans; what the 2016 candidates — and one New York newspaper — said about the San Bernardino shootings; Obamacare repeal poised to pass Senate;

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And say I love you. Peace Be With You. Inspirational Motivational Vids N Pics from The Healing Bowl

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The Nine Consciousnesses in Buddhism: The Five Senses Reason/Neutral Observation Analysis & Delegation of Action Accumulated Karma Pure Consciousness - Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo

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People have a hard time accepting anything that overwhelms them. ~Bob Dylan "Too true! Tony Benn Rocks

Tony Benn v Hilary Benn on war votes - BBC News

Chill our from your crowdfunding campaign...…

Chill our from your crowdfunding campaign...…

Wow, Japanese marketing team that came up with a winner.. sorry but i had to post this...

Sale signs at a popular shopping district in downtown Osaka, Japan.

Mu new logo

Mu new logo