Artist: Laurie Rudling. Title: Les Vieilles Tours 2. Description: Collagraph, Edition 10, Size: 15"x18"

Gallery of Laurie Rudling - Aquatint Etchings, Collagraphs and Original Prints

Sue Lowe Somerset Collagraph

Sue Lowe 'Somerset Levels' hand printed collagraph with chine colle/ Especially relevant to steel plate etching WIP re the "colle" element connecting the plates in my case)

October's Garden - Monoprint

I chose this image because I like the way the artist has used a variety of colours to outline parts of the image so it cant stand out more and show detail. Texture is shown in the veins of the leaves as it is well detailed.

Kerry Buck - “June Hare”

Everywhere printmaker Kerry Buck looks, there are pictures: long-tailed tits in the brambles; a hare startled by our passing;

Rebecca Vincent - Northumberland Artist - original limited edition prints - etchings - monotypes - Newcastle upon Tyne

ARTFINDER: Earth Lines by Rebecca Vincent - This image takes it's inspiration from ploughed fields but when I'm working on the forground area, it becomes more about colour and texture interactions and .

Rebecca Vincent

Monotypes by Northumberland artist Rebecca Vincent Great for grade science connection