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Trimester/month/week chart - It is completely NORMAL to give birth anywhere from 37-42 weeks. My midwife has even had two 43+ week pregnancies. My body also 'cooks longer' Just know EVERY WOMAN and EVERY PREGNANCY is different. 41.6 weeks is actually the mathematical average. :)

I'M ALMOST 7 MONTHS! The Pregnancy Survival Guide for First-Time Dads - Primer. This site does a great job of discussing it from a man's pov while staying classy and sophisticated. The article is totally worth reading.

Tips for a DIY newborn photo shoot (for the non-professional) at

Lansdowne Life: Tips for a DIY newborn photo shoot (for the non-professional). Of course, my child was never the sleep all the time baby, not even at a few days old.

Week 21 of Your Pregnancy: Not all women happily accept their changing body shape, even though they're overjoyed to be pregnant. But a belly "bump" doesn't have to mean frump.

All Terrain Wooden Rocking And Ride On Bike

Wooden All Terrain Rock and Ride on Bike :: Crafted from the best quality beech wood by master craftsmen - Fast UK Delivery.

If you have a NEW BABY chances are good you are SORE! Try a sitz bath for postpartum recovery - seriously!

Congratulations on your baby!and sorry that your 'downstairs' is a terrible disaster.) Postpartum sitz baths are AWESOME.